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Refectocil Webinars

Refectocil Webinars

BROW LAMINATION & SHAPING with RefectoCil & Browvado

Date: Tuesday January 18th, 2022 Time: 12pm EST

Do you have clients that are envious of thick brows and are interested in options other than microblading or permanent makeup. That's where brow lamination comes in.


RefectoCil brow lamination solutions are gentle and specifically formulated for lashes and brows. Give your clients WOW BROWS and they'll be coming back for more all year-round. CHEERS TO 2022!

BROWS & BEARDS with RefectoCil & Browvado

Date: Tuesday February 15th, 2022 Time: 12pm EST

The growth horizon for the Male Personal Care category in 2022 couldn’t be rosier. Which means, 2022 can be the year your focus on catering RefectoCil services to male clientele.


Whether it be their brows, beards or even lashes, you can be prepared to offer the style & care they are looking for. BRING ON 2022 WITH MALE GROOMING!

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