7 Tips to Care for Your Nails between Services

To ensure your nails look and last their best until your next fill, here are a few simple guidelines to follow.Avoid filing your nails shorter:
Filing can break the seal between the natural nail and the enhancement encouraging dirt and bacteria to become trapped between the layers. Lifting can also spread and the natural nail can pull away and chip off. However, if you are not able to receive a fill on time filing may be your only option to prevent your nails from becoming excessively unbalanced and more prone to stress cracks and breaking. If this is necessary only use a file, never a clipper.

Check ingredient labels on lotions:
If lifting is a recurring problem you may want to have a look at the lotions or products you frequently use. If it contains mineral oil or petroleum oil it can eventually break down the bond with your natural nail and the enhancement. Additionally any oil based products or Vaseline may affect the bond negatively. Discontinue use, use less frequently, or wash nails with soap and water directly after using.

Avoid excessive water exposure:
When nails are in water the natural nail swells and becomes saturated and when it dries it contracts and curls and can eventually separate from the enhancement. This is called free edge separation and occurs when the nail is dehydrated. This can happen when the nail is excessively long and the free edge is farther away from the nail bed, or the nails are repeatedly exposed to water. Use gloves and cuticle oil to help prevent it, and rehydrate the natural nail.

Use cuticle oil daily:
Cuticle oil helps to hydrate your skin and natural nail keeping them healthy and flexible. If your nails are prone to free edge separation applying cuticle oil to the underside of your nail can keep it hydrated to prevent the natural nail from becoming dry and curling away from the enhancement.

Don’t pick!:
This is extremely important to ensuring your nails last as long as they can. Picking at the nail can cause it to lift, and picking at a lift can cause it to spread and damage the natural nail. Try to break the habit of picking at something, or if there is lifting, get it repaired as soon as possible.

Don’t use nail glue to fix a break or lift:
Although it may seem like an easy fix or a great way to prevent the nail from breaking, the risks far outweigh the benefits. Applying glue can trap moisture and bacteria between the natural nail and enhancement creating the perfect atmosphere for pseudomonas or a fungal infection to develop. The best solution is to keep it clean and dry and get it repaired as soon as possible.

Nails are not tools:
Although enhancements may be stronger than the natural nail, and tempting to aid in simple tasks such as opening a pop can, putting unusual stress on the nail can have damaging effects. The nail bed can become bruised or if it breaks the enhancement can tear or pull layers of the nail plate with it. The best solution is to pass up the temptation, and use the proper tool and leave your nails to do what they do best; protect and look pretty!

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