How To Create The Wet Hair Look

The wet hair look is and continues to be a red-carpet classic that hair stylists have relied on for generations. Whether you are walking the red carpet or having a girls' night out, this look is always on trend and can be created easily… even if you are short on time!

Remember the primary goal of this hairstyle is to make it look like you're fresh out of the shower. But realistically, this look can be incorporated into any hair type, from messy curls to slicked-back hair. 

1. Make sure you always start with damp hair. If your hair is sopping wet, the hair gel you will be using in the following step will not stick. If the gel doesn't adhere to your tresses, you won't be able to sculpt it. Always make sure you let your hair air-dry, or blow dry it until it's damp.

2. Choose the right hair gel. Your best option for creating this look is a non-sticky, high-shine hair gel like Style Perfetto Mindgel Shape Memory Gel. This is a strong hold gel and will keep your hair locked into place.

3. Apply the gel to your roots and hair lengths. This part is important, do not skimp out on applying a good amount of product. Work a generous helping of gel throughout your hair, beginning with the roots.

**To achieve a sleek look, focus the majority of the product on your roots.**

4. Comb your hair back. If you want to create a more relaxed wet look, use a fine tooth comb like the Dannyco Silicone Fine Tooth Pin Tail Comb. Or, if you want to achieve a more sleek look, then you will want to use a boar bristle brush. After you have applied your gel, take the comb or boar bristle brush and work it through your hair from roots to tips.

5. Apply glossing spray. You want to make sure the bottom of your hair blends with the top. We recommend using the Style Perfetto Bling Glossing Spray for this step. Ensure you work some of the gel through the lengths of your hair, but you will be add most of the wet-looking shine from a glossing spray. This ensures that the hair isn't too heavy.

6. Keep it in place. Make sure to use a hair spray, like the Style Perfetto Sculpting Extreme Hold Finishing Spray, at the end of this process to keep your style intact. You can also use the hair spray to control baby hairs or flyaways.

And that's it!

Give this style a try and make sure to tag us #creatabeautyhair in your post! 😊