How To - Pop Art Nails
  1. Apply background color (gel polish or hard gel) to full nail or as a French tip. Cure for the recommended time.
  2. Using a detailing brush (we recommend the Ugly Duckling Detailer II), apply black gel around the perimeter of the nail (and perimeter of the French tip if using that technique). Cure for the recommended time.
  3. To create the shadow effect, apply two thin black lines along one side of the nail (Light Elegance Black Tie Buttercream is a great option), one starting at the top and one starting at the bottom, trailing off as you reach the middle. Cure for the recommended time.
  4. Repeat step 3 with white gel (Light Elegance Just White Buttercream works well for this) on the opposite side of the nail and add a dot at the tip (En Vogue Stylus makes this easier). This will create the highlight effect. Cure for the recommended time.
  5. Seal with your favorite matte top coat (such as Light Elegance Flat Matte) and cure for the recommended time. **Be sure to cleanse the inhibition layer if using a tacky top coat**