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Prepare for fresh, juicy styles this summer with the all-new Summer 2020 Color & Glitter Gel Summer Squeeze collection by Light Elegance. On-trend for summer with bold,bright shades,Summer Squeeze is inspired by the fresh colors and textures found in the fruit we all love.100%free of HEMA monomers, Light Elegance Color and Glitter Gels are manufactured responsibly to be a healthy option for your nails, much like fruit for the body.Let the 12 new shades take you on a journey through a delicious palette of fruity creams,succulent shimmers and enticing glitters that will squeeze every drop out of your summer style


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Light Elegance Summer 2020 Color Collection - Summer Squeeze 17ml
Light Elegance Glitter Gel - A Couple of Coconuts
Light Elegance Glitter Gel - Sangria
Light Elegance Color Gel - Devil Wears Guava
Light Elegance Glitter Gel - Bad Banana
Light Elegance Color Gel - Sunkissed
Light Elegance Glitter Gel - Kiwi to My Heart
Light Elegance Color Gel - Strawberry & Cream
Light Elegance Color Gel - Sublime Lime
Light Elegance Glitter Gel - Fruit Snacks
Light Elegance Color Gel - Dragonfruit
Light Elegance Glitter Gel - Nice Melons
Light Elegance Color Gel - Charming Cherry