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NSI presents the latest in nail gel technology, the Secrets Removable Gel System. Secrets Removable Gels capture the same ease and workability as acrylics without the set time. You can take your time applying the product onto the nail as it only hardens when cured. The Secrets Removable Color Gels are perfect for adding a pop of color onto your acrylic or gel enhancements or as a permanent polish!

Add A Little Color: Dress up your Secrets Removable Gel mani with one of the Secrets Removable Color Gels for a polished look, or use an accessory glitter gel to add some sparkle!

  • Use over Acrylic or Gel enhancements to create beautiful nail art designs.
  • The Secrets Removable Color Gels come in bold colors that have the same exceptional strength and adhesion as the full Secrets Removable Gel Line.
  • Can be used over the entire nail to create an indestructible Mani or Pedi
  • Super creamy and easy to work with
  • Can be used with Glaze ‘n Go or Glaze ‘n Go LED
  • LED or UV Curable

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