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The Drive-In | Summer 2022 Collection

🍿Nothing says Summer like a drive-in movie on a warm night 📽Meet LE’s all-new Summer 2022 The Drive In ButterCream collection! ⁣

🎞 The Drive In’s six new Oscar-winning shades capture all
the anticipation, drama and butterflies Summer love entails with a palette both sophisticated and sultry.⁣

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Summer by the Sea | Summer 2022 Collection

🌊This Summer, join LE by the sea as we invite you to shore-up your palette with a wave of 12 new on-trend shades!

🐬Inspired by the natural beauty of the beach, the ocean and its many colorful inhabitants, Summer by the Sea delivers a complementary collection of fresh shades ranging from neutral and pastel to bright and bold—perfect to complete any summer look. ⁣

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Fuzion New SL Cover Gel Kit

We have added 2 new tones to our SL Under Cover collection…”SL Peach” and “SL Neutral”.

These are the same viscosity as the original SL Clear and Under Cover and come in both regular and with Shimmer. The kit includes both new tones with and without shimmer along with the “SL Under Cover” and
“SL Under Cover” with Shimmer (6x15g size) Individuals available in 30g size in our UV/LED formula.

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