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Biolab Depilatory Lukewarm Wax

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SKU PP5010
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Scent: 24K

600g each

24K: The 24K gold medal of waxing. Designed for hypersensitive skin lacking in tone, this wax is malleable and flexible. 24K effectively removes all types of hair. Micronized mica makes the wax adhere perfectly to the short hairs without risk of irritation. It leaves no sticky residue. Suitable for hypersensitive skin, all hair types… Suggested working temperature: 185°F-203°F 

Green Apple: It’s a real pleasure to work with this liquid gel textured wax. The green apple has non – irritant and protective properties; by adding it to this fluid textured resin and thanks to an innovative new recipe, it provides a virtually painless waxing. It leaves nothing in its path, no more hair and no sticky residue. Ideal for the first waxing and all those to come. Suitable for hypersensitive skin, all hair types… Suggested working temperature: 176°F-194°F 

Oceane: Its turquoise color of the South Seas lagoons causes a desire to travel. The depilatory Cream-Gel Océane is specifically designed for hyper-sensitive skin. Due to the titanium dioxide additive, it reduces tension on the skin while effectively removing all types of hair, even short. With this recipe, the depilation sessions are virtually painless, perfect for a first time waxing and looking wonderful for a day at the beach. Its ultra-thin application makes it an economical wax to use. Suggested working temperature: 176°F-194°F

Passion Fruit: Charming by its tropical aroma. With the Passion Fruit essential oil, this wax strengthens the lipid barrier in addition to preventing dryness. Because it doesn’t contain any rosin, this wax is hypoallergenic. Its bright color makes it impossible to leave wax spots on the skin. The passion Fruit wax has a very fast cooling rate, that makes it a perfect choice for the speed waxing adepts. It attaches rapidly to strong hair and removes even the very fine ones for a more than perfect depilation and a silky skin touch. Suitable for hypoallergenic – hard and medium hair… Suggested working temperature: 176°F-194°F