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Start Date: February 11th 2023
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A facial is one of the best ways to care for your skin as it cleans, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin. Once considered a luxury, regular facials and skin maintenance are now regarded as a necessity as they promote a clear, well hydrated complexion and help skin look younger. Along with the benefits of improving the skin’s health, facials also offer a relaxing service that helps reduce stress. This course will help you learn the techniques to make others feel good about themselves and their skin.

Throughout the two weeks, students will learn the basic facial techniques, as well as advanced content related to specific skin care needs. This course will teach about different skin care products, proper sanitation and disinfection, the anatomy of skin, and massage techniques. Students will come to understand the key elements and benefits of facials, all while giving them the confidence that they need when making a difference in treating their clients’ skin.


1. Fundamental Infection Control Program (Sign Up Here)


4 Days 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM - Lunch 12:00-12:30

Course Content Includes

Training manual, class kit and certification. Exam to be completed for certification.


What are some examples of what you will cover and learn in the beginner, intermediate Facials class?

  • Anatomy and Physiology 
  • Skin disorders and diseases
  • In-depth skin analysis
  • Skin care products such as chemistry, ingredients and selection. In class students will be hands-on with the product line Atlas Rose. 
  • Facial treatments and massage
  • Facial devices and technology (covered more in the advanced facial class, coming soon)
  • Careers and opportunities 
  • Nutrition 
  • Hands-on in-depth facial treatments with models of your choice.

Kit Includes:

- Cosmetic Case
- Implements
- Prairie Bliss Facial Products
- Wipes
- Facial Bowl & Brush
- Ice Globes
- Sterilizing Tray
- Sterilizing Liquid

Note: Kit cost is included in the total price of the class.


Five Models are required.

Home Practical

You must also complete 6 facials on models at home.

Meet Our Instructor

Tara Hubbard - “Making skin glow everyday”

Founder/Owner of Prairie Bliss/Skin Care Chemist & Crafter/Medical Aesthetician/Trainer

Greatest Adventure - "Traveling to the unknown on my own, and challenging myself to try something new everyday."

Biggest Risk - Retiring from Prairie Bliss to pursue my passion of skin care with Prairie Bliss Botanicals.

Wildest Wish - "Starting a botanical farm." 

As a prairie farm girl growing up, I was fortunate to spend my summers at the lake. While my family regularly entertained, I would often be found making concoctions with local shrubs, botanicals, dirt, moss and fresh lake water; anything I could find would be mixed into the pot. I remember naming my ‘brews’ and then returning them back to the earth with love and gratitude when they were completed... maybe this is where my love for making skincare began.  I loved being out in the elements, going on little adventures and getting dirty while seeking new plants for my next creations.  The love of creating and adventure has stayed with me driving the passion for Prairie Bliss Botanicals.

 I am a wife to a an amazing, kindhearted man, and a mother to a beautiful, intelligent, free-spirited daughter, and my sweet kind hearted little boy. Also we have two fur babies who would gladly attach themselves to my hip until they see a squirrel at the lake.

 I enjoy a good gin martini, colorful healthy foods and still like to kick ass every once in a while (I kickboxed for over 10 years). My yoga practice and time with nature either camping or with my dogs, have shaped my life, given me a strong work ethic, dedication to growth and a calm and peaceful heart and mind.

 I became a certified medical aesthetician in 2004, I began the love of working on my clients who were endlessly struggling with their skin sensitivities. Also endlessly struggling with different types of acne. It became my goal to help them find sensible, eco-friendly healing solutions for their skin; less preservatives and more active ingredients that created a true difference.

 The journey of crafting quality healing skin care began. I spent many years and long nights in my kitchen crafting and researching organic and remedy based ingredients for different skin types. My clients, family and friends were willing participants in my experiments. Never tested on animals. When they seen noticeable improvement and word started spreading, I knew I was on the right path, when aestheticians and doctors started demanding classes to learn my protocol. Out of my years of experience and research I helped train and certify many different skin care professionals, aestheticians, doctors, and nurses.

In 2017 I took a step back from taking clients after many years and welcomed in my husband Andy to manage and operate Prairie Bliss Medispa. This allows us to focus on customer satisfaction and team development at the clinic. Also allows me to continue making and creating my own original formulas in the lab, researching and testing products to increase my understanding of skin.

There is nothing I love more, than be working in the laboratory listening to music, dancing like no one is watching, diffusing essential oils and creating fresh products for customers and retailers. I love that Prairie Bliss Botanicals makes your skin glow! Keep sending your before and after photos!!

Thanks for all your support and love... May it ripple out, and out, and out! 

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