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Footlogix - Excavator Round Edge with File

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The Footlogix® Excavator Round Edge with File for precision toenail work, is made with high-quality, medical grade Solingen stainless steel. Bilaterally designed to clean excess debris around and under toenails, the implement has finely worked ends.

One end features the Excavator with a round edge that effectively cleans debris from the nail groove and under the free edge. It has a small, smooth head that makes it very easy to reach tight sidewalls, and clean-up nail debris.

The other end of the implement features a file. This narrow, double sided head helps in non-invasive smoothing of sharp edges and spicula. The ergonomically textured grip allows for easy use and safe handling. Highly durable and long lasting, this implement is easy to clean, disinfect and sterilize.

Features and Benefits

• Made with high quality, medical grade Solingen stainless steel. Size: 13cm
• Excavator with round edge effectively cleans debris from nail groove and under free edge
• Excavator with small, smooth head makes it easy to reach tight sidewalls, and clean-up nail debris
• File with narrow, double-sided head helps in non-invasive removal of sharp edges and spicula
• Ergonomically textured grip of the implement allows for easy use
• Included in the Footlogix® 4-piece Precision Implement Kit
• Highly durable and long-lasting implement*

Recommended for:

• Technicians who want to offer superior pedicure services with reusable implements and avoid the cost of one-time use tools

How to Care: 

• Clean with mild soap, water and use a soft brush to remove skin debris
• This implement can be sterilized or disinfected