Refectocil Lash & Brow Bar: the NEW and super handy tinting station. Super handy and super stylish. The NEW Lash & Brow Bar is small, light and has an integrated handle that allows carrying it from work station to work station. With integrated holders for cotton swabs and accessories (not included).

•1 x Blonde Brow Tint
•8 x Tint Colours (Black, Graphite, Blue Black, Blue, Brown, Light Brown, Chestnut & Red)
•1 x Creme Oxidant 100ml
•1 x Micellar Make Up Remover 150ml
•1 x Tint Remover 150ml
•1 x Skin Protection Cream 75ml
•1 x Longlash Gel 7ml
•1 x Silicone Eye Pads (2)
•1 x Artist Palette
•1 x Application Brushes Hard (5)
•1 x Application Brushes Soft (5)
•Base, Backing Board & Colour Chart

$20-$40/ tinting service
Hundreds of applications / Bar
Thousands of $$$ profitability to the salons !!