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@Creata we are here to enhance beauty and confidence in our clients by providing the highest degree of customer service, using innovative techniques and superior products.

We aim to serve our clients with a 5 star experience from all aspects of the company. We want anyone who walks through our doors to feel welcomed and have a memorable visit. We will achieve this through consistency, expert knowledge, attentiveness and all around caring customer service.

Our goal is to make your experience as unique and memorable as you.

Creata has one of the largest selections of professional beauty products including some great brands like:

Light Elegance Gel, Magic Gel, Fuzion Gels, Ugly Duckling, Young Nails, Orly, PREempt Disinfectants, Wildflowers, MoYou Famous Names, JB Lash, PremierLash, GiGi Wax, Sharonelle Wax, Paraffin Wax, Allpresan Footcare, BCL Spa Organics, Wet Brush, Apres and tons of nail art supplies and much, much more!! We have over 12,000 items and ship anywhere in Canada and the continental USA!!

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:: Gel Systems ::

We carry a number of amazing gel products to get your nails ready with the right foundation!!

Bonders and Base
Thin Viscosity Builders
Medium Viscosity Builders
Thick Viscosity Builders
Top Coats
Light Elegance Gel System
Fuzion Gel System
en Vogue Gel System
Magic Gel System
Ugly Duckling Gel System
Famous Names (IBX)

:: Color & Glitter Gels and Gel Polishes ::

With almost 1200 colors and glitters to choose from we have you covered!! Not just in hard gels but gel polishes and soft gels!

Find My Color
Light Elegance Color/Glitter Gels
Fuzion Colourz/Sparklez Gel
Magic Gel Color/Glitter Gel
en Vogue Simply Color/Glitter Gel
en Vogue Lac It!
Light Elegance P+ Gel Polish
Ugly Duckling Gel Polish
Magic Gel MLac Gel Polish
Young Nails Go Time
Orly Gel FX

:: Acrylic Systems ::

Light Elegance Apex Acrylic
Young Nails Acrylic System
Ugly Duckling Acrylic
Acrylic Brushes & Accessories

:: Nail Art ::

Moyou London
Clear Jelly Stamper
Art Brushes
Chrome & Effect Pigments
Dry Glitter
Transfer Foil, Decals & Striping Tape

:: Accessories ::

Files & Buffers
Nail Forms
Primer, Tips & Glue
Cuticle Oil & Nail Treatments
Cleaning & Disinfecting
Towels & Wipes
Spa Apparel & Sundries
Cosmetic Cases

:: Mani & Pedi ::

Nail Polish
Manicure & Pedicure Implements
Pedicure Equipment
Manicure & Pedicure Products

:: Lash Extensions::

PremierLash Designer Lashes
JB Lashes
Lash Extensions
Lash Adhesive
Lash Application Tools
Lash After-Care
Strip Lashes

:: Lash Lift, Curl, Lamination and Tint::


85 products


20 products

Thuya Products

19 products


6 products

All Tint, Perm & Lift Products

49 products

:: Waxing & Paraffin ::

Caronlabs Wax Products
Satin Smooth
Wax Warmers & Accessories
Paraffin Wax
Paraffin Warmers & Accessories

:: Furniture, Equipment & Machines ::

Curing Lamps
Nail Machines
Nail Machine Bits
Dust Collectors & Vac System
Beds & Chairs
Esthetics Equipment


Great products. Great service. Awesome location.


Professional and efficient! The trainers are all extremely knowledgeable and the staff are so friendly!


The ladies are always super nice and helpful. They have good prices and a very wide verity of nail supplies. Orders get sent out pretty fast and only takes a few days to arrive.


 Ssoooo super helpful and knowledgeable! Rob helped me switch to a new gel line and fixed all my lifting issues. Awesome!!


So nice and helpful! Tons of products and selection.


Customer service is amazing and have 1000's of colors to choose from.  We found the perfect color for my daughters grad dress!


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