Galaxy Nails Tutorial
  1. First, apply a black base all over the nail. We recommend something with one-coat coverage to keep the nail from getting bulky, like the Ugly Duckling Gel Polish #043.
  2. Choose 2 cat-eye colours for your galaxy. Blues, purples, and greens are a good choice – we went with Aprés HypnoGel #01 (Blue) and #05 (Purple). Apply your first colour to create a flowing stripe, and without curing, use a cat-eye magnet to distribute the magnetic particles as desired for a multi-dimensional effect. Cure for the recommended time.
  3. Apply your second colour on a different part of the nail using the same technique. If you would like, you can layer more cat-eye colours for unique effects.
  4. Apply a sheer silver cat-eye all over the nail – the Aprés Platinum Glitter Bomb HypnoGel is perfect for this. Without curing, use your cat-eye magnet to layer the effect over your previous colours. This will further enhance the dimensionality and give your design a starry, galactic look. Cure for the recommended time.
  5. For the next step, you will need a smooth surface to work on. We used the Light Elegance Flat Matte top coat. Cure for the recommended time, and remember to cleanse the surface if not using a tack-free matte top coat.
  6. Using a dotting tool like the En Vogue Stylus, you can create stars by randomly placing small dots of varying sizes wherever you like. For a starburst effect, apply a slightly larger dot and use a clean detail brush such as the Light Elegance Swirly brush. Start at the center of the dot and drag the product outwards in a straight line. Do this four times (top, bottom, left, and right). If desired, you can add shorter lines in between for more detail. Cure fully once satisfied with the design.
  7. Finally, you can complete the design with your top coat of choice. This design will work with a shiny, matte, or even sparkly finish – we are obsessed with the Fuzion Shimmer FX Topcoats, and they are even galaxy-themed!
Have fun, and don’t forget to share your creations with us @creatabeauty.