The Mad Rabbit Difference

At Mad Rabbit, we believe each ingredient should serve a purpose.

We're also just as committed to not using harmful and non-beneficial ingredients in our products.

Delivering a clinical results-driven skincare line designed to improve overall skin quality with an environmentally-conscious approach. Our simple, universal products focus on the highest-quality, clean ingredients both natural and synthetic for uncompromising results.


It’s well known that the healing process post-tattoo can be pretty unpleasant: itchiness, inflammation, irritability, and flaking are just a few of the side effects you may experience. Incorporating a skin and body care routine that promotes soothing relief and skin barrier support, will not only help the healing process but keep your ink looking its best for longer.


Short answer: Yes. The road to long-lasting ink begins with what you’re putting on your skin- from healing to daily care. Each ingredient should serve a purpose: soothe, moisturize, promote elasticity, help boost skin’s ability to regenerate and increase ink vibrancy and longevity. Clean ingredients are often better tolerated by even the most sensitive skin with many being biocompatible - aka easily recognized by skin. If it’s not providing a direct benefit, we don’t want it.