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Aprés Nail - Artisté Drop Gel Clear 15ml

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Create beautiful and effortless nail art with Aprés Drop Gel! With our Drop Gel you can create amazing artistic designs like watercolor, marble, flowers, tie dye, or ombré effects! This Drop Gel is a clear gel that can be applied on top of any base coat, gel polish, or Gel-X tip! Apply the Drop Gel and then leave it uncured as you decorate your nail design! This gel will naturally disperse your gel polish into beautiful seamless designs and leave a smooth blend of colors. 


Apply a layer of Drop Gel and before curing, apply gel polish in your desired pattern on top of the Drop Gel layer, and allow for your polish to naturally flow out into the desired pattern. Cure nail in an LED lamp for 30 seconds. Finish off your design with Aprés Glossy or Matte Top Gelcoat!