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Wildflowers Pigment - Unicorn Hologram Flakes

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Unicorn Flakes (AKA Galaxy Chrome) has the same characteristics of our Robot Dandruff and Angel Flakes, but add that AMAZING holographic RAINBOW! They are SUPER easy to use, and lay perfectly flat on the nail. They adhere to the cured Wildflowers Tack-Free Metallic Topcoat. Try them with our "Scrubby Brush".

Use over any color nail - they are opaque.


  • Create your base nail (and color it any color you'd like). Follow with Wildflowers Metallic Topcoat, and cure.
  • Apply the Unicorn Hologram Flakes. (Gently scoop and press the flakes onto the nail's surface
  • -OR- gently scoop and press the flakes into the nail's surface, and then RUB to get a solid chrome color) Follow with another coat of Wildflowers Metallic Topcoat, and cure.

Tip: try layering our Angel Flakes over the Unicorn Dandruff for a ridiculous amount of effects - be sure to use a layer of Wildflowers Tack-Free Metallic Topcoat between the Unicorn Dandruff and Angel Flakes)

Product Size:
3 gram jar.