"UV", "LED" & What they REALLY mean for Nails - Chemist Corner #3 with Jim McConnell

Do you know how to accurately use the terms "UV" and "LED" and what they mean for your curing lamp?

Find out here in Chemist Corner Episode 3 with Jim McConnell—Chemist, Co-owner & Technical Director for Light Elegance. Join us each Wednesday for a new episode! Ask your questions for Jim and request new episodes in the comment section! 

In-house R&D at our Oregon-based facility means we create everything from scratch. The result? Responsible products that are vegan, cruelty-free, 9-free and HEMA-free that make you free to express your creativity and wow your clients. We believe that what’s inside matters. #ThisisLE #LERocks #ChemistCorner #Nails #NailScience #NailSalon #WhatsInsideMatters

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