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Fuzion (294)

  • Discontinued
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    Fuzion Colourz Gel - Own It!

    Decadent is a very dark brown-black. 15g

  • Fuzion Paintz Gel - Neutral 110

    Neutral 110 is a soft rosy neutral with a gold shimmer

  • Fuzion Paintz Gel - Teal 106

    Teal 106 is a medium toned creamy teal

  • Fuzion Paintz Gel - Teal 107

    Teal 107 is a muted teal with a gold shimmer.

  • Fuzion Paintz Gel - Burgundy 104

    Burgundy 104 is a beautiful rich burgundy shimmer

  • Fuzion Paintz Gel - Gold 102

    Gold 102 is a beautiful platinum Gold Sparkle

  • Fuzion Paintz Gel - Metal 103

    Metal 103 is a multi-coloured metallic sparkle

  • Fuzion Colourz Gel - Serenade

     A creamy flat light olive green.

  • Fuzion Colourz Gel - Big Band

    A creamy flat dark forest green.

  • Fuzion Colourz Gel - Goodbye-'ing'

    A creamy flat light turquoise blue. 

  • Fuzion Colourz Gel - So Delightful

     A creamy flat soft peachy pink.

  • Fuzion Sparklez Gel - Toe-Tapping

     A microfine bright gold/mustard yellow holographic sparkle.

  • Limited Edition

    Fuzion Winter 2021 Sparklez Gel Collection - Vintage Holiday LIMITED EDITION

    Take a trip down memory lane with our new vintage-inspired Holiday Collection. These 6 new Colourz and 6 new Sparklez will be sure to bring up memo...

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  • Fuzion Sparklez Gel - By the Fire

     A clear base with assorted glitter sizing in red, gold, and iridescent.

  • Fuzion Sparklez Gel - Beautiful Sight

    A microfine olive green holographic sparkle. 

  • Fuzion Sparklez Gel - Kiss Goodnight

     A microfine dark forest green/gold sparkle.

  • Fuzion Sparklez Gel - Wonderland of Snow

     A clear base with micro-gold sparkle and medium iridescent hexi-sparkle.

  • Fuzion Sparklez Gel - Comfy Cozy

     A microfine light denim blue holographic sparkle.

  • Fuzion FX - Shimmer Top Coat


  • Fuzion FX - Matte Top Coat


  • Fuzion Paintz Gel - Yellow 107

    Yellow 107 - A flat creamy dark mustard tone