Are you a regular customer of Creata Beauty with a minimum or 4 order within the last few months or have you reviewed or blogged for us in the past?
  • Do you have nail social media account with over 1000 followers? Or a Youtube channel with a minimum of 100 subscribers.
  • Can you showcase our products with clear photos that can be reused for promotion by Creata Beauty?
  • Can you commit to promoting and recommending Creata Beauty products via Nail Art on a day to day basis?

If you can answer yes to ALL of the above then you could be suitable to be a promoter or brand ambassador.

Here's what you will be expected to do as a brand ambassador

  • Interact with our social media posts on a day to day basis
  • Promote our product and brand to your followers, friends and anyone you know that likes nail art.
  • Review our products & allow us to use your images on our website or in promotional material.
  • We also ask that you put in your social media bio that you are a brand ambassador or promoter of Creata Beauty and special promotions or gifts for your followers.

Here is what you will receive as an ambassador

  • A great personal discount and or special giveaways to help promote your social media channels for you to use every time you make an order.
  • You will be added to our Ambassador group on Facebook which will allow you to pick from our product sample to review. These product samples are free of charge but you will however may be charged postage.
  • Previews of new products and a chance to try them before they are released on our website.

Please only apply if you can commit to the role.

Please remember becoming an ambassador is about promoting our brand as if it is your own business and can take up your time with reviewing, promoting and interacting with our social media posts please only apply if you can commit to putting the time in needed.

Failure to do any of the ambassador roles you have agreed to by applying could result in you being removed from the ambassador program.

Please remember to put the links to your social media profiles and a little bit about your nail journey in the contact form below so we can find your profiles.

We would love to have everyone as part of our social media ambassador team, but this is just not possible.  Our selection is based on a number of items and even if we don't accept your right away, it doesn't mean we might not on the future.  SO APPLY today!!