Creata is proud to announce our Mascot: Creata Cougar!
So why a cougar?  Why black?


We found that a black cougar (extremly rare in the wild)  aligns with who we are at Creata. She represents power, intuition, strength, leadership and taking charge of one's a most effective way.  We in the beauty world take charge and show leadership, strength and intuition in our business and with our clients to help them achieve success in many ways.

When we are talking about the meaning and symbolism of Cougar, that’s a big question – so big, in fact, that Cougars are the largest felines in North America. Cougar in Her natural habitat tells us much about the energetic correlations for this Spirit Animal.

Cougar is an excellent solitary hunter and very protective of their cubs. There is little hesitance in Cougar’s actions. Her Goddess-like strength, insight, decision-making skills, and leadership shines brightly. If Her cubs are in danger, cougar attacks swiftly and effectively compared to her patient, methodical tracking skills. Spiritually speaking, this translates into listening to our inner voice, keeping our eyes and ears open, and waiting for the right moment to seize the opportunity

Walking with Cougar Spirit challenges us to greater authority, particular esoterically.

Cougar wants us to seek out answers and find our truths with fierce diligence. Nonetheless, this may not be a “fast” track to enlightenment. Some of the greatest mysteries remain such even beyond this life so the key is living mindfully of the moment-to-moment lessons that carry us forward.

Cougar encourages us to look at our life differently. It’s a personal moment – you should feel appreciated for who you are, not what others want you to be. Cougar Animal Spirit stalks out your fears so that you can accept love, especially from yourself. There is no blame or guilt in self-actualization!

When Cougar makes appearances in your life, it may be very subtle. One of Her gifts is the ability to move silently, finding what She needs and avoiding potential predators. Cougar simply knows self and doesn’t seek out constant support from external sources. Ultimately Cougar’s message is trusting your soul to carry you through the life experience you most need.

Here are some of the Cougar Symbolic Meanings:



Interests in getting a Creata Cougar for your home or salon.....ask how at your local Creata location!!

This is the core of Creata. Through our education, products that we offer and our customer service and support. We can't wait to work with you to become the maximum you can be and succeed beyound your imagination. 

Fatum Creata....Create your destiny.