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En Vogue Gel - Simply Connect

SKU 40215
Like it sounds, it is a builder gel but in a bottle. It can be used on natural nails as an overlay or on extensions as a builder gel. It can be used over tips or to sculpt with forms.

The difference with this product and a regular gel product is the fact that it is applied just like a regular gel polish, with a regular nail polish type brush. The only difference is you apply this one a bit thicker to build up the stress point.

Usage Instructions:
    • Prep nails as per usual.
    • Apply a thin coat over entire nail plate. Cure for 60s in UV/ LED lamp or 120s in UV lamp.
  • BUILD:
    • First coat: Extend from cuticle area to desired length on a tip or form. Cure for 60s in UV/LED lamp or 120s in UV lamp in between each coat
    • Second coat: Use a larger bead and extend down center of nail and along smile line. Let product level, checking structure and thickness side to side. If needed, flip hand and let product pool to create a perfect, smooth arch.
    • Third coat: Apply if required. File, shape and buff as needed.
  • SHINE:
    • Apply semi-thick coat covering the entire nail surface. Cure for 60s in UV/ LED lamp or 120s in UV lamp.