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Medicool Nail Desk ManiVac System

  The Medicool Nail Desk ManiVac™ is a compact, modular vacuum system designed to remove harmful manicure dust while you file. Its patented muffler system provides "whisper quiet" suction with minimal noise.

  • The high suction Source Capture System removes 99.99% of dust particulate at .02 microns at 80 cubic feet per minute
  • Fits most standard and custom made manicure stations - easy to install
  • Whisper quiet operation with patented muffler system
  • Double-layer disposable filter bag is easily replaced
  • Optional Fume filter for odor reduction
  • Compact design fits any workspace
  • Full one year warranty

Available in a built in desk version or a desk scoop version!!

EASIER TO CLEAN THAT A Nova Flair and quieter with better suction. Both Systems meet all current U.S. State Regulation as a "Source Capture System" capable of exhausting not less than 50 cfm per station. (Our systems are 80 cfm capturing even more dust particulate and odor)