Layered Texture Nails How To

3D nails are nothing new, but embrace even more drama with layered textures. This is when multiple textures are encased in separate layers to create dimension.

How To Master Layered Textures In 4 Steps

1. Apply background color (gel polish or hard gel). Cure for the recommended time.

2. Seal with preferred top coat as normal (we recommend Ugly Duckling Matte Top Coat). **Be sure to cleanse the inhibition layer if using a tacky top coat)**. Cure for the recommended time. Note: A matte finish will achieve the most velvety look.

3. Using the same color, paint a 3D design with a fine detail brush, such as the Fuzion Detailer #3. A different color may also be used for a unique effect. Before curing, dust over with clear acrylic powder (such as the Light Elegance Apex Acrylic Powder Clear), then cure for the recommended time. Alternatively, dry pigments, fine glitter, or even glow-in-the-dark pigments can be used for different effects!

4. Dust off excess powder with your Fuzion Unicorn Duster. Design Complete!